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Rugby Player

What was the reason for working with Us?
"I’ve never been great at watching what I eat unless I’m told so I wanted to drop body fat during the off season to get me ready for pre season."

What results have you seen?
"I went from 104kg to 93kg following Levis diet plan."

What do you like most about the coaching.
"Very friendly and professional, easy to compromise on food choices and the workouts are specific to my needs."

— Curtis, Client

Football Player

What was the reason for working with Us?
"My reasons for working with Levi was firstly his experience working with athletes and having that understanding of elite athletes, having the understanding of the sport I play and what’s required for me to be at optimal performance levels every week. The reviews I’d seen were very positive and the thing that stood out the most was his work ethic and attention to detail which is something I can relate too. After my first session I knew he was going to be able to take me and my performances to new levels. Very friendly, enthusiastic and driven to provide the best for his clients."

What results have you seen?
"I’ve seen many results not only in my gym performances but translating that to my football sessions and games. Explosive power & robustness to perform over and over at a high intensity. From an education side Levi will always educate you as his client, making you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. This has helped me be adaptable in the gym and start to really understand my body and what I need to improve on to go to even higher levels on the pitch."

What do you like most about the coaching?
"The thing I love the most about Levi’s coaching style is his honesty to tell me when it’s not good enough or I need to work harder, his motivation and drive makes me thrive in my gym sessions to be better and want to do more but mainly the results I’ve seen."

— Millie Bright, Client

Nurse, Business Owner and Busy Mum

What was the reason for working with Us?
"I had been working with Levi as a PT and was the fittest I had ever been when I decided I also wanted to focus on nutrition, Levi was the obvious choice as he really knows his stuff."

What results have you seen?
"Every time I commit to working with Levi and putting my faith in the process I get great results both fitness and nutrition."

What do you like most about the coaching?
"Levi keeps me on track, he understands that life still happens but doesn’t let me use that as an excuse. The training I did with Levi got me in the best shape of my life."

— Emma De Chenu-Howieson, Client