Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

In order to see change in your body, lifestyle habits and integrate into your sport it will take at least 90 days but you will feel better almost immediately. Feel confident that you are optimising your time.

We will be slowly making nutritional changes so that you are not overwhelmed. You will be tracking your calories. There will be no restriction on any food, meaning you still get to enjoy the foods you love.

You will be provided with a personalised training program via Bridge App that should be performed ideally at least 3 times a week. This could change depending on your workload for the week.

No sweat, if this is the case we will adjust the nutrition accordingly to keep you on track!

The only main two areas we will be focussing on is calories & protein to start with. You can integrate your food tracking app with mine so I can see what you are eating. Small steps make big differences!

  • Scales (both weight & food)
  • The right mindset
  • Commitment

Yes and they will answer every message within 24 hrs.

We will be giving you recipes, as well as monitoring your nutrition planner to help guide you in the right direction on what to eat and what is best for energy, digestion and enjoyment.